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Dog Daycare
Dogs absolutely love daycare! They get to play with new dogs and people instead of being home alone all day. This is especially important for young dogs under 3 years of age as regular socialization is vital to their mental and physical development. A dog who is comfortable around new situations is a calm balanced dog.

Our 2000 sq ft daycare is set up specifically for good romping dog play.

We welcome dogs and puppies of all ages.

All dogs over 8 months of age must be spayed / neutered.
Thick rubber floor cushion dog's feet and joints
Medical grade air filters ensure a clean environment
Environmentally responsible waste removal (no plastic bags)
Climate controlled year round for comfort
Single Day $33
5 day pack $156
10 day pack $290
20 day pack $545
Half Day ( up to 5 hrs ) $21
2 dogs same family $53
"Nobody can exercise a dog quite like another dog."
How to get started for Dog Daycare

Contact us to let us know when you would like to bring your dog in for his first day. When you arrive, you will fill out a short form while we assess your dog. Bring your vet records with you. Your dog will be introduced separately to the other dogs one at a time. Once he is comfortable, he may join the general population at his own pace.
Prices subject to HST           Packs do not expire
Daycare Hours     Mon-Fri     7:30am to 6:30pm