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Puppy Classes

This is the best puppy class you will find! Extensive information, proper socialization and expert friendly knowledge!

Young puppies require different training. The MOST important things your puppy must learn by the time they are 4 months of age are bite inhibition and early socialization.

Bite inhibition is a dog learning to control the full force of his biting ability. Puppies need to learn how to keep a soft mouth while they are very young so it becomes second nature when they are older and stronger. This is accomplished by playing with other puppies and safe adult dogs.

Early socialization means exposing your dogs to new dogs, people and environments during the critical window of the first 4 months months of a dog's life. The clock is ticking. It is so much easier to expose a fearless puppy than trying to rehabilitate an older dog.

Vets used to recommend not exposing your dog until they had all their vaccinations, at 4 months of age. We know better now. They risks of NOT socializing your dog during this period are much higher than the risk of picking up diseases if you use common sense. A dog that has not had proper early socialization is much more likely to become a problem dog.

Start as soon as your puppy has had his first set of shots, usually around 8 weeks, and is clear of parasites. Continue weekly until your puppy is approx 20 weeks old.

Once you have taken Puppy Class, our Sunday Dog Socials are free for your dog for the rest of his life. We want to keep him well socialized!
11:15 - 12:30
We cover topics such as: housetraining, feeding, grooming
avoiding common behaviour problems, basic obedience, first aid
developmental stage, etc.

There is always an open dialogue to discuss your own issues.
On-going intake - join anytime!
Rotating 8 week curriculum so you can start anytime.