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There are many methods to teach obedience to a dog. A good trainer must have a great toolbox of strategies to adapt training to individual dogs. Just like people, dogs learn differently. Some learn better with gentle, food based training and other dogs learn better with a firmer hand and no treats at all. One size does not fit all.

We offer Group Classes, Puppy Classes and Private Training.

GROUP CLASSES    $175    6 weeks

Classes start June 16 / 19       Sundays 2:15 - 3pm

Group classes teach the basics of obedience: sit, stay, down, recall, loose leash walking, leave it and stand for inspection. We believe the core of training is how you communicate with your dog. A proper mutual respect is required if either dog or handler is to succeed.

We also put heavy focus on self control. After all, what is obedience if not self control? Your dog should be able to sit until released and not take off when something more interesting comes along. Your dog should be waiting at doors and be able to lie on his bed while you are preparing dinner and come the instant he is called. ALL dogs have the ability - success depends on how much work is put in by the handler. 

All training is done in our facility.

Classes led by International Association of Canine Professionals instructor.

Sometimes you need extra help with things. If you are having issues that are confusing and you need some clarity to pinpoint what's going on. Sometimes your dog needs extra help for one particular skill.

Our Head Trainer will figure out what is causing the issue and propose practical solutions. You'll get a better understanding how your dog is perceiving things and this will help you make sense of his behaviour and what to do about it..